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Unbelievable Skåne

Unbelievable Skåne is a magical region in southern Sweden. Trolls love Skåne's amazing yellow meadows and its long, white beaches; they love its delicious food and its iconic architecture; they love its chilled out café culture and its summer festivals. They also love the fact it is less than three hours from London making it a perfect weekend break destination. They hope you might love it, too.

Unbelievable Trolls

Unbelievable creatures like Trolls, Tomte, Nisse, Elves and Tomas Brolin have long been a part of Swedish life. Skåne Trolls (Cosmipolitus Bigearicus) are related to an older species from the north of the country. They migrated to Skåne in the latter part of the 20th century, tempted by the region's delicious organic vegetables and seafood, its amazing landscapes, and its wide-range of summer festivals. With trolls, like with everything in this magical land, seeing is believing.

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Unbelievable Flights

Troll-spotters rejoice. EasyJet are offering flights from London to Copenhagen from £30.99 single inc. taxes. Skåne is then just a short 20-minute train journey away; a journey which takes you over the spectacular Öresund Bridge.

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Unbelievable Prizes

The trolls have now gone into hibernation and our competition has closed.

Well done to every spotter who won a prize, and troll-shaped commiserations to those of you who didn't.

The good news is that we have recorded all of the troll activity from the last few months and are re-running it here so you can keep on spotting.

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